Aquatics Policies

STOP - read this page carefully

All parents/families and guardians need to be aware of these policies: they help us all enjoy an easy business experience.

Payment Policy

Full Course Payment is required in advance (before your class) to book and hold your place. Current students – a 2-class non-refundable deposit is due in Week#6 to re-book and the remainder of fees are due in Week#8. Late fees apply for payments after Week#8. Payment is accepted with cash, credit card, bank deposit or online payment via PayPal.

Rescheduling and Make-up Policy

There are many valid reasons for missing a class. However, if you simply miss a class, you will not be refunded. A Make-up class is available if you cancel by 8am the day before your class. If you cancel your class after 8am (the day before) and we can't fill your class, you are not entitled to a make-up class. ONE make-up classe is allowed per block - valid for that one block only. You will be given at least 2 make-up options and if you won’t arrange to do one of our options, you choose to forfeit your make-up class. Make-up classes expire at the end of the block.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Aquatics Blocks are 9 weeks long and if you decide to suddenly stop classes in the middle of a block, you will forfeit payment from two classes. This allows us time to fill your lost class space and change our schedule. We will refund the remaining amount (minus the two class fee). For current students who have paid a 2-class deposit to re-book a class block, note that your deposit covers our time in scheduling and holding your class space during our booking process. If you decide to not continue with our program, your 2-class re-booking deposit is non-refundable and will not be credited for future classes.

Photography Policy

During some classes the teacher will use a waterproof camera to take photos. At your first class, we ask for written approval to take these photos. All our 'approved' clients' photos are shared freely on Facebook. Videos are available for purchase. Due to privacy and safety laws, you must NOT take any photographs inside our aquatic facility at any time – including photos/videos on your mobile phone. Thank you for respecting this.

Showers, Swim Nappies and Caps

Keeping the pool water sparkling clean is absolutely essential so all children and adults must shower before entering the pool. All children under 3 years must wear a well-fitting reusable swim nappy (with a good seal around the legs) plus another set of swimmers over the top of the swim nappy. We require only reusable swim nappies to be worn – please do not wear disposable swim nappies in our mineral based pool. Children over 4 years must wear swimming caps during class. We have a variety of reusable swim nappies and swimming caps available for purchase.


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