Our Unique Bub Rub’n’Tub Program

  • Ergonomic massage mats & cue cards for massage (“rub”)
  • Purpose-built warm baths to practice holds & cues (“tub”)
  • After tub-time, we progress to our Shower Program and Heated Pool (aquatics)

5 Free Classes for babies under 6 months

Infant-MassageThis program can be started from birth but we find mums generally need time to recover from birth and families take time to figure out the logistics of baby care. As a newborn grows, it becomes easier to get out of the house and attend classes between baby feeds, play, cuddles and sleep.

By around 8 weeks, there’s many more opportunities to successfully work with baby being alert and happy, as a baby’s ability to engage and interact increases remarkedly.

Don’t wait too long though – baby’s aquatic skills (like backfloating and learning swim cues) can be most easily introduced by starting aquatic classes BEFORE 4 months. Massage is best learnt before babies get too mobile.

Our Massage program is a unique adaptation of the internationally researched “The First Touch Program” (shared worldwide by IAIM), plus our classes have the added benefits of learning swimming and survival skills

Classes enhance healthy muscle and brain development, promote educational water safety skills and empower parents with practical skills.

Other reasons to attend…

These classes promote a gentle transition to pool classes and supportive, nurturing care and advice.

They are helpful if -


  • Your little baby loves water
  • You’re keen to learn Infant Massage
  • Your child is not yet crawling
  • Born prematurely or with complications
  • Your child has developmental delays
  • Your baby is affected by a disability
  • Baby is diagnosed with a medical condition
  • You’d like your baby to sleep deeper
  • Baby has gas/colic/constipation/tummy pain
  • Bub cries with bath or showers
  • Baby doesn’t like pool swims
  • Families have experienced a difficult start with their new babies

Booking Options 
 - 5 Free clases or Upgrade to our Premium Package (10 classes)

When you book for the full block of 10 classes, it will give you the best discounted class rate with the most amount of benefits, plus you will have time to learn the entire full body massage sequences in The First Touch Program with plenty of practice with aquatic holds, cues and water massage techniques.

Book for the Full Block to Enjoy -


  • New Student MEGA Swim Pack to take home (with swim DVD, swim story book and filled with helpful resources)
  • Structured weekly classes with only 2 children
  • Personalized class certificate with class photos
  • Free photos with photography package options
  • Certified Organic oil and laminated stroke cards
  • Regular email contact with handy links
  • Educational resources / handouts for parents

Our cue cards and resources change weekly. This is a sample.

banner cue-cards-sample 700

There are only 2 times each block where we take on new students.
This is a popular program so bookings are limited.
We book in advance – ask about our waiting list.