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Our Unique Program for babies under 6 months


We are in the special position with our professional facilities and experience, to offer a selection of classes that all complement each other, helping you whilst optimising your baby's development. The ideal starting point is with your little baby in The First Touch Program and then you can easily follow on with aquatics' pool classes.

The First Touch Program;

  • Read your baby's cues
  • Touch and connect
  • Massage to relax and stimulate
  • Nurture parents

Tummy Troubles? Teething? Special Needs?

Some babies struggle with specific problems such as gas, colic, reflux, constipation, teething or sleep problems. Others are born with or develop special needs - we have successfully worked with children who suffer from loss of hearing, sight and muscle tone problems. Every child is welcome in our classes. If you are unable to fit in the full 5-week The First Touch Program, we can provide an alternative option where you can attend 2 classes in one of our group programs.


Private Classes are available

If you are looking for a private visit with one-on-one time with a qualified massage instructor, we recommend at least two visits to focus on your child. We are also happy to talk to your health care professional to help you learn the way we respectfully communicate with all the children in our care.

Baby Bedtime Program - for little bubs

We guide parents to learn a little massage/yoga/reflexology and then we use the warm pool water to help gently float and relax our littlest bubs. These afternoon pool classes are designed to improve the "Witching Hour" for your baby and also help your partner attend classes.

We Recommend
Book early to reserve a place for your newborn and enjoy the full benefits of this program! We have set dates when we run classes each year. Birth is a unique event and all parents should do what feels right - start classes when you feel ready to enjoy our support, care and professional guidance.