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New Students

New-Student-Sample-Pack-350We offer a special trial package for all new students. This package is the compulsory first step for all new students who enter our pool program.

What you get

  • One first pool class
  • Extra time and service
  • Guided Orientation
  • Swim Pack to take home

Why this is so important

For new clients, we provide one first pool class which allows you to try one of our classes. It also allows one of our teachers to assess your child's skills in the water and determine your best future options.

During your first visit, we also provide EXTRA time for a guided orientation of our procedures and facilities. One of our friendly pool deck helpers will also help guide your first class in our shower program. This first visit is very important because lots of children often find it very overwhelming and need extra time to settle in with new places and new faces! Where possible, we aim to do your first class with a child who is already comfortable in our program – we find this is the ideal way to help new students settle in.

You will get an Info Folder with BONUS resources to take home – including a swim story book, DVDs, swimSAFER booklet, Swim Australia newsletters and other relevant information pamphlets.

The cost of a new student

We believe things should be done right and in the best way possible from the very start. This first class for new students is charged at a casual rate and the remainder of the new student fee covers the time for our swimming teacher and pool deck helper, PLUS the extra time and money it costs to provide high quality resource packages for our new students.