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New Students

New-Student-Sample-Pack-350We offer a special trial package for all new students. It allows you to try one of our classes and our teachers will assess a swimmer’s skills and determine your best future options.

What you get

  • Small class of only 2 students
  • Extra time and service with us
  • Detailed Guided Orientation

Why it’s so important…

During your first visit, extra time with our friendly pool deck helper means you will complete paperwork, learn where all the important things are in our facilities and we will take time to explain our program, discuss how we do things, plus we’ll guide you with either our cue cards in the shower (babies/toddlers) or our pool deck homework (learn-to-swim).

Some swimmers may be overwhelmed when coming to a new place / seeing new faces, so we allow extra time for gentle encouragement to help this process of settling in. Where possible, we do a first class with a swimmer who is already comfortable in our program – we find this is the ideal way to help new students settle in quickly.

  • Babies / Toddlers (under 3 years) are given a complimentary Huggies’ Swim Nappy
  • Learn-to-swim clients (over 3 years) are gifted a soft Lycra swim cap
  • All new students get a MINI swim pack to take home

Upgrade – block booking

Pay for your block on the day of your first new student class - we will upgrade you to a MEGA swim pack, with a reusable bag that is full of BONUS resources to take home – including a swimming DVD guide and book and a whole lot of helpful resources.

Children are gifted a laminated welcome certificate and will have a ‘welcome fish’ (with their name) in our fishbowl display when starting classes for the first time.

The benefits of doing a full block include:student-benefits

  • Discounted weekly classes (with safety weeks)
  • Class text confirmations and friendly reminders
  • Regular resources / info / tips for parents
  • Re-Booking priority with access to special offers
  • MEGA Swim Pack - DVD, book, swim resources
  • 2 freely shared class photos per block (Facebook/Instagram) *Photo packages available*
    banner class-photos
  • Two Personalized class certificates (per block)
    banner class-certs

banner photo-packs

Photography Packages available

We provide 2 photo package options for our clients –

Early Bird discounts apply when photo packages are ordered/paid in Block#1.

Please note – photo package availability depends on when clients join our program. The large yearly collection is only available for clients swimming the year (or at least 3 class blocks). The large collection can also be used by clients with 3 or more children, who would like a small selection of each child’s photos.

Our priority is always a child’s happiness and to help them with their swim class. Photos are an added bonus - not the main aim of our classes. Underwater photography is only available if children are comfortable (and happy) submerging.

A note on Casual blocks -

*Please note a casual block option for new students ensures students will be gifted a MEGA swim pack, resources/handouts for the block and 1 safety certificate. Make-up class options do not apply to casual blocks. A casual block is valid for one block only. Photos are not included in a casual block (unless a paid photography package is purchased).

Phone Us –
We like to talk to clients before booking a time for your first class
 so we can check availability and get more detailed info about current aquatic skills.