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Our Team

Marina – Our Experienced Remedial Massage Therapist

Marina has over 10 years’ massage experience working in her own clinic, in conjunction with another remedial therapist in Western Australia, before moving to tropical North Queensland. In addition to massage, Marina also provides disability support for children and young adults, occasionally working at one of the local Cairns’ schools.

Marina began her first massage study when she left school and by 2006, she completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage. She loves learning new things – as you can see from some of her qualifications below (this is not all of them!). Notably, her Pregnancy Massage study was done through the famous UK massage author and guru Suzanne Yates. Her detailed study in abdominal massage also gives her a very clear understanding of how to help people with digestive problems.

Marina has spent 2 years workings as a massage volunteer with the Cancer Council, putting her Oncology Massage course skills to good use. Massage during cancer is safe but requires some adaptations. She is a skilled caring therapist able to help clients during all stages of treatment.

Marina has a special interest in sound-based therapies. In 2010, she completed the practitioner level in the Peter Hess Method of Sound Massage. This treatment utilizes singing bowls and gongs on and/or near the clothed body. She has travelled to Nepal and the UK to complete training in “Gong and Yoga” and “Singing Bowls for Health”. Sound Therapy is a very interesting ‘grounding’ treatment – it’s recommended for helping clear your head and you can easily try a bite-sized bit of sound therapy, with techniques being added at the end of a remedial or relaxation massage treatment…just tell us what you would like done when you book your appointment.

You are in safe hands…

Marina’s Qualifications include
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Certificate of Reflexology 2007
Certificate of Pregnancy Massage 2009
Oncology Massage Level 1
Abdominal Massage Course – “Love Your Guts”
Certificate in Modern Cupping 2015
Certificate in Dry Needling 2009 and updated in 2015

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Monika – Our Baby and Toddler Swim Specialist / Administration Officer

Monika is a busy mum of two children, who both swim in our program. Monika started her daughter in The First Touch Program (Baby Massage Classes) in 2012 and her son joined in classes soon after he was born in 2015. For several years, we noticed Monika was a really “switched on” parent in our swim school, always interacting beautifully with her own children and their swim buddies, plus being a natural teacher, guiding her children to swim with lots of ease.

After Monika completed her swim teacher training with us, it was obvious we had a very skilled and hard-working mum joining our team! Monika brings a unique insight and understanding to how parents experience all aspects of our program, having been in our swim school since its inception. Monika is qualified to work with babies, toddlers, children and teach competitive strokes to our learn-to-swim students. Her past work experience also gives her tremendous skills in our office and working with customers.

Monika grew up in a little seaside community in Cape York (Portland Roads), and with parents working fishing trawlers, she has spent a lot of her childhood swimming in the ocean, exploring coral reefs, fishing, going on nature/beach walks and being on a boat. Water safety is important to Monika’s family and her children are natural little fish in the water too!

Over time, Monika’s role and experience in our business has expanded – she is now our head baby and toddler teacher and she also is responsible for the majority of our office administration. She has a particular knack for helping frightened or timid children come out of their shell and enjoys working with children and parents every day.

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Shelley – Our Learn-to-Swim Specialist (for children and adults)

With over 20 years’ swim teaching experience, Shelley is our experienced learn-to-swim teacher for our afternoon classes. She currently works full-time at the Special School as a Teacher Aide and spends her afternoons in our pool teaching (after school has finished). Shelley is gentle, patient, quietly spoken and teaches with a straightforward progressive style.  

As a mum of four and a grandmother of five, you can see she genuinely loves teaching and guiding children. Shelley is responsible for our afternoon program and continues to build upon our ever-evolving learn-to-swim program.

We are delighted to have Shelley working with adults in our exclusive evening program – our private facilities make it the perfect place for people to quietly learn the basics of swimming. When Shelley was first assessed at our swim school, the head Austswim Certifier noted she had never seen such an amazing class of first-time swimmers improve so rapidly in one class due to a teacher’s guidance. Shelley works special magic in even the most frightened beginners!

Shelley began teaching Learn-to-Swim in Babinda when her children were younger and has worked in most public pools in the area (as an employee and business owner). She brings a wealth of knowledge to share with our staff and students. Her resume is jam-packed with many years of swim teaching skills and has a lovely way of working with adults too.

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Kiara – Our Weekday Teacher and Pool Deck Assistant

Kiara’s apprenticeship technically began several years ago in our swim school…as a parent. All three of Kiara’s children have progressed through our swim levels, until they outgrew our pool program.
A calm and very down-to-earth mother, she’s always been relaxed in the water, especially with rotations and submersions. Kiara grew up in a small country town in Victoria, Traralgon. After holidaying in Cairns with her husband, they loved the outdoor lifestyle so much, she applied for a transfer in 2004, to finish her teaching degree in 2006. She’s taught in several local Cairns’ schools, including doing after school care programming, until she decided to become a mum.
Kiara and her husband own a local diving business in Cairns. She’s been busy maintaining the business’ books whilst being a mum but now her children are in school, she enjoys the challenge of working with us on all our weekdays. She is responsible for helping guide our families in the pool and on pool deck, plus she helps keep our swim school tidy and organised.

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