Pregnancy Massage Benefits

 How does Pregnancy Massage help you?

  • Improves circulation to all areas (for mum and also for baby)
  • Reduces discomfort, fatigue and swelling
  • Relaxes mum whilst baby gets more room to move
  • Facilitates structural realignment of the spine and pelvis and improves soft tissue and joint flexibility

Massage offers continuous, nurturing, relaxing care and provides you with a source of related reliable information. Specialized training helps a massage therapist know the correct ways to carefully position clients differently throughout the three trimesters. During pregnancy massage, extra pillows/towels are used and aromatherapy/massage techniques are altered to safely massage clients from the first trimester.

Did you know these pregnancy facts?

  • Heart Enlarges - Blood Volume increases 30-50%
  • Oxygen intake increases by 15-20% (half for baby and the other half supports mum's heart/kidneys)
  • Uterus size increases 1000% & weighs 300% more
  • Hormones make joints unstable/muscles fatigue
  • Swelling in feet/hands occurs in 75% of pregnancies. Did you know massage may help with swelling?


We gift all our new pregnant clients
a personalized oil blend to take home and enjoy.