Aquatics' Benefits

In addition to swimming and water safety skills, children learn many things in our classes, like listening, following direction, turn-taking, sharing, counting, recognising colours, identifying shapes, naming animals and understanding actions (stop/go, slow/fast, big/small, left/right).

Classes affect children’s emotional, behavioural and social skills. By investing in regular classes, parents also learn new things and spend quality enjoyable bonding time with their child, teaching them how to safely behave in and around water.

Research from Griffith University’s Early-Years Swimming Study proves that children under five who have swimming lessons develop better language, literacy and numeracy skills and are more likely to be prepared for school. The differences between swimmers and non-swimmers are significant.

More importantly, this latest research tells us that the swim environment and swim teachers/classes need to be of a consistently high quality. You can be reassured with the quality in our facility – see all our association memberships and registrations plus check out our testimonials and all our happy customers on social media! We really care about our swim family.

We strive to follow the world’s best practice with all our standards in our business, including adhering to the Royal Life Saving’s Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations.

We have clear goals for all our swimmers. We communicate regularly and honestly with our parents.  

We believe you don’t just shut the pool gate, you need to educate.

For our swim families, we do a whole lot more than just teach swim and survival skills.

Benefits of classes

  • Helps make children safer around and in water
  • Strengthens lung capacity and lung function
  • Enhances healthy muscle and brain development
  • Promotes health, fitness and social interaction
  • Teaches practical and life-saving skills
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