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How Classes Work

aquatics-how-classes-workEach year we do 4 different themed aquatic blocks, including dedicated safety and survival skill weeks. Our pool deck resources, parent tips, handouts and our safety weeks all match the theme of our blocks.

Our themes encourage a solid foundation of skills with commonly encountered scenarios for our swimmers in Tropical North Queensland.

We swim year-round in our fully enclosed heated warm mineral pool.


Themed Blocks

  • Ocean / Beach Safety (B1)
  • Farm’n’Country Safety (B2)
  • Home Safety (B3)
  • Emergency Action (B4)

Class skills

All our pool classes develop the following skills:

Water safety

Safe entry & exit, survival skills, swimming confidence and education for families and children.

Water familiarisation

Underwater skills, breath control, water exploration, fun, enjoyment and social interaction.

Independent movement

Good body position, arm/leg co-ordination, correct techniques and developing endurance/fitness.

aquatics-prog-outlineWhy We Are Different…

  • Only 2 swimmers in each class
  • 4 different themed blocks
  • 2 Safety Weeks each block
  • Fully enclosed mineral pool
  • Healthy Ozone Swim filtration
  • Photo Certificates show progress
  • Shared weekly email tips
  • Online Customer Portal