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We believe every child is unique and parents are the best resources for helping children.

From experience, children progress the best when working in classes with their parents (or a grandparent) until around 4 years of age - this ensures a child’s physical, emotional, behavioural and social skills are appropriately developed. It promotes maximum practice time and encourages more advanced swim skills, making it easier to begin formal learn-to-swim (solo) stroke and survival classes with only the swim teacher in the water.

In a class of only 2 swimmers, our active classes have very little student ‘waiting’ time, plus more hands-on teacher manipulation, direction and guidance for our clients.

Initially, it does cost more to swim in semi-private classes, but the main advantage is that you get faster progression, so long-term, it takes less time (and money) to learn skills. Don’t fall into the trap of just looking at the price of one class (or term) when you are selecting a swim school.

You want to learn right (once) and not spend years paying to ‘fix’ what’s happened, especially if you have been “lost” in a big class and need to re-learn better swimming and survival techniques. With small classes, our teachers can do more activities and skills, than what can be achieved in a much bigger (and noisier!) class. Children are also more focused on learning when you limit distractions and create the right learning environment.

Brain pathways are established with practice, so it’s important for swimmers to practice correct technique as bodies will naturally follow what feels easiest for the brain (what’s been practiced). It’s why repetition is so vital to learning and mastering skills. Be prepared - it takes patience, commitment and time (several years) to learn to swim independently and confidently with great technique. Invest wisely! 

Our Program Goals…

Our program includes clearly defined levels, with age and skill progression goals.

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Ready to experience a big difference with a small class?

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