Aquatics Policies

STOP - read this page carefully

All parents/families need to be aware of these policies: they help us all enjoy an easy business experience.
Detailed policy information is clearly outlined in our customer portal for each client to read and sign.

Payment Policy

2 Easy payment options – full prepayment or weekly. Payments are processed automatically via your nominated bank account or credit card. Fees are processed 2 weeks ahead. We text payment and booking dates each block.

Bonus, Fill-ins and Make-up classes…

We choose to make things easy for our customers with a very simple system, which includes bonus swims and extra discounted classes!

It’s a big commitment to swim a full year of classes and we love to reward people for great work with attending classes regularly. All our weekly block students are gifted the option of one bonus class per block (for every 10 classes booked), Clients book their own bonus class – either via our online portal or with our friendly pool deck helper at class.


Sometimes we end up with a spare class in our schedule, due to a swimmer being away. Spare class times are regularly posted on our private Facebook page.

We provide a fill-in class option where customers can book a very cheap “Fill-in” rate. This helps us fill an empty class space and more importantly, gives another one of our swimmers more practice time to boost their skills with an extra class.


We know there are many valid reasons for missing a class. We kindly ask customers give us as much notice as possible if a class is going to be missed, as this allows another child the ability to swim and it means your swim partner is not alone.

If you miss one of your 10 paid weekly classes, you can use your bonus class to make-up the class you have missed - we will happily provide one make-up class per block of 10 booked classes. Chat with us if there are exceptional circumstances if you’ve missed more than one class. We are firm but fair.

We purposefully don’t offer unlimited make-ups…

The benefits of booking experienced swim teachers in advance for each block and keeping class fees low are important to us. Our key goal of small classes (with only 2 children) far outweighs the inconvenience of a few missed classes here or there in a block.

Discount holiday class rates are available if customers tell us dates before we create our new block schedule.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Aquatics’ Blocks are 10 weeks’ long so if you decide to suddenly stop classes in the middle of a block, you will forfeit payment from two classes.

We have set times of the year when we process minor schedule changes – these are subject to availability and done at our teacher’s discretion.

Our aim is to ensure each of our swimmers receives the best possible class.

We assume all swimmers are committed to regular classes. If you are not re-booking for the following block, you must notify us in writing by the set due date or we will process a 2-class cancellation fee for holding your class space and denying other swimmers the opportunity to book a class block.

If you are leaving Cairns or have a medical reason for not continuing with classes, we will issue a refund of the remaining amount (minus the 2-class fee).

Otherwise, we will credit the remaining amount (minus the 2-class fee) for use in your next block of classes. If you change your next block booking from a weekly class to a casual block of 5 classes (after the specified due date), a fee of 1-class will apply to your credit if there is availability to fit a casual block in our schedule. If we can’t offer you a casual block of classes, a 2-class cancellation fee will apply. Credits expire after 6 months.

Photography Policy

Due to privacy and safety laws, you must NOT take any photographs inside our aquatic facility at any time – including photos/videos on your mobile phone. Around a third of our customers do NOT want their images shared publicly, including some of our staff. Thank you for respecting this.

During some classes our staff will take professional photos for you. To make it easy, we assume all our clients approve of us taking photos. We use photos to personalise our certificates for each block and our yearly gifts. We also use photos / videos to help with staff training and to check what we can improve in terms of swim skills. We also freely share our images on social media and in advertising.

Email us if you wish to be excluded. Detailed photography approval information is in our customer portal for every client to read and sign.

Showers, Caps and Swim Nappies

Keeping the pool water sparkling clean is absolutely essential so all children and adults must shower before entering the pool. Children over 4 years must wear swimming caps during class. We provide a complimentary soft Lycra swimming cap to all our learn-to-swim swimmers.

All children under 3 years must wear 2 swim nappies: the inner layer can be either a disposable or reusable swim nappy and the outer nappy must be a well-fitting NEOPRENE swim nappy (with a good seal around the legs and tummy – we stock the Neoprene Happy Nappy style). The double-swim nappy policy is compulsory, regardless of whether your child is ‘toilet trained’.

We recommend students wear a set of swimmers over the top of their swim nappies – it is a personal preference whether it is a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit. Adults must wear a swimshirt/rashie/t-shirt in the water over their swimwear (so children can grip to your shirt for independence and safety).

Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy of our clients and their data. We gather and store client information carefully. We have safeguards to prevent any data breaches, including using reputable online storage systems for our client’s data and professional management software for our business. Our computer supplier and IT support is through Reef Information Technology, Cairns.



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