Aquatics Policies

STOP - read this page carefully

All parents/families need to be aware of these policies: they help us all enjoy an easy business experience. Detailed policy information is clearly outlined in our customer portal for each client to read and sign.

Payment Policy

Weekly Pre-Payment via Direct Debit. Payments for classes, stock and gift certificates are processed every Wednesday. We cover all costs, except rejected fees (which are processed the following Wednesday). All block payments must be processed before the block ends.

Make-up Classes

We’re a busy little business…we love teaching (but not paperwork!) so our only “rules” are:

  1. Mark your absence in our online portal before 7.30am on your class day.
  2. Book make-up classes online in our customer portal (make-ups expire at the end of each block).

We make no guarantee swimmers will be able to make up every missed class. Classes are in high demand and spare class spaces are subject to availability. Our priority is to keep our small classes with only 2 children.

Discount extra classes available – message us if you’d like to snap up any extra classes that come available.

Cancellation Policy

PHONE us to confirm cancellation. Confirm (with at least 3 full working days’ notice) before your next class. Weekly DD is Wednesday. We need time to remove your booking, process fees, and stop future payments.

Cancellation fees (2 classes) apply. For late cancellations (AFTER booking dates), fees apply as we will need to rearrange the schedule again. This also impacts other children’s class choices. Changing to a casual block is a 1 class fee and is subject to availability in our program.

If you have prepaid and are leaving Cairns or have a medical reason for not continuing with classes, we will issue a refund of the remaining amount (minus your 2-class cancellation fee). Otherwise, we will credit your remaining amount (minus the 1-class fee) for use in your next block of classes. Credits expire after 2 blocks.

Photography and Videography Policy –

During some classes, our teacher will use a camera to take photos. We ask for signed approval in our portal for this. All our 'approved' clients' photos are shared freely on social media. Due to privacy and safety laws, you must NOT take any photographs or videos inside our aquatic facility at any time – including photos and videos on your mobile phone.

Thank you for respecting our swimmers, parents and swim teachers’ privacy.

Showers for all. 2 x Swim Nappies (<3yrs). Caps (>4yrs)

Keeping our mineral pool water sparkling clean is absolutely essential. All children and adults must shower before entering our pool. Adults arrive dressed to swim (wear a loose t-shirt in the pool).

Dress children beside the pool until they are school aged – it’s a clear safety message. All children under THREE years (regardless of toilet training status) must wear TWO swim nappies – the top
(outer) nappy must be a well-fitted reusable neoprene swim nappy (with a firm seal around the legs/high seal around the stomach) plus another swim nappy underneath (reusable or disposable).

Failure to wear a double nappy (with neoprene Happy Nappy) = $250 fee for pool closure.

We want the very best health and pool safety. Children over 4 years wear swim caps – this prevents excess hair in our pool/filters, assists in streamlines (swim technique) and easier goggle use

Privacy Policy

We are committed to the privacy of our clients and their data. We gather and store client information carefully. We have safeguards to prevent any data breaches, including using reputable online storage systems for our client’s data and professional management software for our business. Our computer supplier and IT support is through Reef Information Technology, Cairns.



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