Infant Massage Benefits

Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb at 6-9 weeks and easily one of the most powerful languages a baby can instantly understand.

The First Touch Program is the only program in Australia that has been extensively researched. Medical researchers have identified it as the highest quality program of its kind. It is delivered in over 52 countries in the world.

Medical Research

The First Touch Program is the only nationally accredited Infant Massage curriculum in Australia, monitored and maintained by a global organisation. This program is endorsed by The Royal College of Nursing, The Australian College of Midwives, The Australian Association of Social Workers, The Australian Counselling Association, Occupational Therapy Australia and the Massage and Myotherapy Association of Australia.

When talking about Infant Massage benefits* it’s important to note that a lot of the benefits identified from worldwide research have come from research done that utilises The First Touch Program.

Research proves the benefits from Infant Massage classes are greatly enhanced when you have a teacher guiding you (compared to the benefits from learning when watching a DVD or reading a book on Infant Massage).

Clear guidelines are established to identify key elements of The First Touch Program, so that accredited instructors around the world are all teaching in accordance with these guidelines, developed by knowing what research shows is most effective.

IAIM-badge-accredited-blackProven Benefits*

Improved sleep
Less crying
Improved parental confidence and independence
Smoother transition through developmental phases


Why Start Baby Classes

All children are different.

Some are healthy, thriving, active, alert, quiet, laid back and sleep well but others find it hard to settle, have some additional needs, may have medical problems, be born prematurely or a baby (or parent!) may just be having a rough time. All babies will benefit from touch.

In the womb, baby is warm and safely held with gently rocking from movement, including brain stimulation from the rhythm of a mother’s heart. It’s no surprise that it takes time for a child to transition to life on the ‘outside’, with so many new experiences, sounds, smells and touch.

For parents, life with a baby can be challenging. Babies are hard work. It also takes time to grow in confidence and learn how to soothe, settle and communicate with your constantly changing baby.

Our classes help support and nurture new parents, including those with a first child and also families that grow with a new sibling’s arrival.

Classes encourage all the bonding elements (including touch, eye contact, smell and talking).

We provide very small classes with lots of personal touches.
We also take photos/videos. Have you seen our class images on Facebook?

Over the past 20 years, scientific studies have shown using massage with babies may help with many issues from promoting better sleep through to enhancing brain growth and development. This is a very useful guide that all parents should read. Here are the facts – we answer questions for you with this simple clear e-book.