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Client Information: Terms & Conditions

This client information page contains general information about the clinic and out terms and conditions.

  • Appointments are essential and available Monday to Saturday
  • Appointments run to a designated time schedule.
  • Clients should come at least 5 minutes early for appointments.
  • Appointment will be shortened if clients are late, so as not to inconvenience others.
  • Clients will be charged from the time their appointment was booked.
  • If clients do NOT give adequate notice for appointment changes/cancellations, there may not be a future appointment available for you at Focus On Movement.
  • An Initial Consultation takes longer, costs slightly more and involves paperwork that is necessary for...
    • New Clients
    • Existing Clients who have not received any treatment (at Focus On Movement during the past 12 months)
  • Gift Certificates for New Clients - unless you would like your gift recipient to pay their own initial fee
  • Gift Certificates are available for purchase at the clinic or online.

Client Rights

Massage Treatments

Should be conducted in a secure and private area where clients have the ability to undress and dress in private. The therapist should not be present as the client undresses, lies on the table and covers their body (with a towel). It is normal practice for underpants to be worn. During the massage, towels should be used to cover any part of the body not directly receiving treatment.

Infra-red Sauna

Is a private treatment with no therapist present in the sauna room at the time of undress or treatment. Wearing underpants is optional as it is a personal comfort decision. However, regardless of underwear choice, clients must use a towel so that their body/skin does not come into contact with the sauna wood.


All classes must be conducted in a safe, supervised, hygienic and temperature controlled environment to promote good health. The atmosphere must be positive, fun, welcoming and enjoyable where everyone is encouraged and given an opportunity to openly express their ideas, attitudes and concerns. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their own welfare and their child's needs are always met, including altering participation in any activity to suit their personal comfort level.

Client Records

A confidential medical history of the client should precede any treatment or class to determine what approach or techniques are appropriate. It also assists by highlighting any crucial conditions that contraindicate (prohibit) certain techniques or require referral if necessary. A comprehensive history also helps determine realistic future outcomes.

Clients may be asked some personal details - these questions are for the purpose of assessment, treatment and recommending preventative treatment and exercise. For example, sitting at a computer eight hours a day will affect certain parts of the neck, shoulders and spine. Also, certain medical conditions can negatively interact with some treatment techniques and aromatherapy oils (for example black pepper or rosemary essential oils should not be used with clients who suffer from high blood pressure).

Clients are not required to provide any information they do not feel comfortable giving, however please understand that it may prevent accurate assessment, delay treatment results and cause client disappointment.

Client records are regularly maintained (at each visit), safely stored and all information contained within them is strictly confidential. Informed client consent must be gained before a client's details are discussed with another health care professional - in such cases, a client's signed consent is required and the client is informed when this happens.

Informed Consent

At an 'initial' consultation (i.e. before you receive any treatment or start lessons) you must give your "informed consent". This involves reading and signing a document with information that outlines the risks of treatment/participation. It may also be necessary to discuss your condition and/or treatment with your doctor, physiotherapist or referring health care practitioner - clients must agree to this and will be informed if this occurs.

Every treatment has some potential risks; For example, massage may cause pain, headaches, bruising, aggravate your condition, leave you feeling sleepy or could create an aromatic response - irritate/photo-sensitive skin, cause blood thinning or euphoria or interact with medications and homeopathic remedies.

Before any treatment, you must be aware that...

  • If you are uncomfortable or unsure at any stage during a treatment or lesson, tell the therapist/instructor.
  • Both the therapist and the client have the right to refuse or stop any treatment at any time.
  • Clients should check their expectations of each treatment's outcome are similar to their therapists' expectations.

Always check with the therapist or instructor if you are not sure of any treatment or lesson outcomes.