Bub Rub’n’Tub FAQs

What's the ideal starting age?

New parents do it tough in the beginning...sleep deprivation is a killer, babies often feed non-stop and learning what your baby likes is a challenge as they are constantly changing. Our program can be safely started from birth. Ideally, we recommend starting classes around 8 weeks, when most babies (and parents) are beginning to establish better communication with their parents, with smiles and giggles helping parents navigate through the foggy haze of newborn life.

By 12 weeks, baby is really engaging and generally awake for around 1.5-2 hours, giving parents the opportunity to get out of the house and more easily work with their baby. Of course, every family is different but we find the ideal time to begin classes is between 8-16 weeks - firstly for physical development reasons (discussed above) and secondly because swim cues are most easily learnt and babies back float best when we start classes around this time frame.

Our tubs are specially built to best suit children not yet crawling. Once children are crawling, the pool is the best place to swim, as it offers the right freedom and range of movement for parents and children.

Why start class so early?

From our experience, we know it takes time to build trust and a solid foundation of skills for parents and babies. This first entry course allows us the precious time to give your baby a brilliant start, which makes the best transition to our pool classes.

One of the most common statements that parents with older babies say is that they wish they had started classes sooner! The sooner you start classes, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits.

Why not jump straight into pool classes?

We are in a unique position of having over 10 years’ experience. Over time, we have tried many things and what is clear from our experience is that we’ve seen the best results with our families who have completed both the infant massage and pool programs.

We have spent a lot of time developing our programs so they provide a perfect mix of elements to get all the right ingredients and make a difference. We believe each baby deserves our gentle guidance and respectful touch. Putting babies in water (especially underwater) takes a lot of trust and we believe starting families in The First Touch Program give us that extra time to meet and really get to know our parents and babies before we begin the aquatic journey together.

What is cue-based infant massage?

The First Touch Program is a cue-based infant massage program. It is why the program is so effective and can be used at any age and with any child. Find out more by viewing IAIM's free e-book: Plain-English Guide to Infant Massage Research: What Every Parent Should Know on our infant massage – benefits page.

Why is our program different to other programs?

The First Touch Program is a proven and fully researched program with registered instructors completing regular ongoing training to deliver the program with a consistently high-quality standard all around the world. This program is taught in over 52 countries around the world.

In addition to the Infant Massage in The First Touch Program, we include a unique aquatics' component with our tubs, shower and pool facilities. Our successful program has been designed after working for over a decade in the swimming industry, utilising the most effective techniques to help babies naturally progress into children who happily swim with confidence, whilst also teaching parents about essential safety skills for children.

The benefits of learning with a small class, in a safe and nurturing environment and being guided by an experienced instructor make a huge difference to your class success. We have designed our facilities with the sole purpose of working in the best possible way for parents and children to maximise the value of each of our classes. We treat you and your baby like you are a part of our family and you have all our care and attention!

What do I need to bring to my first class?

Initially, the short answer is you, your baby, your nappy bag and a bath towel! We provide disposable swim nappies for your tub classes but you can bring in a reusable one if you would prefer.

Our professional facilities are designed especially to cater for our classes and our cost is inclusive of all the resources you need, including certified organic massage oil, laminated massage cue cards and a variety of helpful tips for practicing at home. We also email through resources and tips for those students completing a full block of classes.

In subsequent classes, we’ll advise when you need to wear your togs and bring your towels for the Shower Program and Pool Swim. In the pool, parents should wear a t-shirt (or swim rashie) in the water. Children must wear a neoprene nappy in the pool and either a disposable or reusable under the neoprene layer. Dressing your child in a one-piece or two-piece swim outfit comes down to personal preference.

Both parents or grandparents are always welcome anytime at classes.