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How do I get positioned on the massage table?

Prone positioning (face down, lying on your tummy) exerts excess strain on lumbar, pelvis and uterine structures and is only appropriate for the first trimester (to 13 weeks).

During the second and third trimesters, side-lying is the best position. If prenatal complications exist, initially lying on the left side promotes optimal maternal and foetal circulation. From 13-22 weeks, a support-pillow is used under the right hip when supine (laying on the back) and from 22 weeks to birth, mothers will sit up in a semi-reclining position at a 45 degree angle. Our electric table makes positioning easy – including getting on and off the table!

Positioning to relax muscles and limit compression/strain is something that a massage therapist can help with. Mothers can then use this knowledge to help at home to get more comfortable.