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Why is our program different to other programs?

The First Touch Program is a proven and fully researched program with registered instructors completing regular ongoing training to deliver the program with a consistently high-quality standard all around the world. This program is taught in over 52 countries around the world.

In addition to the Infant Massage in The First Touch Program, we include a unique aquatics' component with our tubs, shower and pool facilities. Our successful program has been designed after working for over a decade in the swimming industry, utilising the most effective techniques to help babies naturally progress into children who happily swim with confidence, whilst also teaching parents about essential safety skills for children.

The benefits of learning with a small class, in a safe and nurturing environment and being guided by an experienced instructor make a huge difference to your class success. We have designed our facilities with the sole purpose of working in the best possible way for parents and children to maximise the value of each of our classes. We treat you and your baby like you are a part of our family and you have all our care and attention!