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What's the ideal starting age?

New parents do it tough in the beginning...sleep deprivation is a killer, babies often feed non-stop and learning what your baby likes is a challenge as they are constantly changing. Our program can be safely started from birth. Ideally, we recommend starting classes around 8 weeks, when most babies (and parents) are beginning to establish better communication with their parents, with smiles and giggles helping parents navigate through the foggy haze of newborn life.

By 12 weeks, baby is really engaging and generally awake for around 1.5-2 hours, giving parents the opportunity to get out of the house and more easily work with their baby. Of course, every family is different but we find the ideal time to begin classes is between 8-16 weeks - firstly for physical development reasons (discussed above) and secondly because swim cues are most easily learnt and babies back float best when we start classes around this time frame.

Our tubs are specially built to best suit children not yet crawling. Once children are crawling, the pool is the best place to swim, as it offers the right freedom and range of movement for parents and children.