Remedial Massage FAQs

How can I prepare for my massage?

If you shower and go to the toilet prior to your massage, it will leave you feeling clean, refreshed and ready for massage. Ladies should wear minimal or no makeup, remove all jewellery (watches, large chains/necklaces, bracelets, rings) and tie hair up in a loose pony-tail. Turn your mobile to silent. Arrive five minutes early so you have time to settle in.

What happens when I arrive for my massage?

Firstly, be honest when you complete your initial paperwork. Talk with your therapist before your treatment begins - advise them if you prefer a particular pressure or type of massage. You will then be given time alone to undress and position yourself comfortably on the massage table (with a large towel to cover your back/buttock region). The therapist will knock before entering and will adjust all covers and pillows on the Massage table when they enter the room. Any area not being massaged is kept covered.

Do I talk to or remain silent during a massage?

Talk to your therapist before your massage. Once treatment begins, it is best to relax, focus on your breathing and enjoy your massage. Your therapist will be hard at work concentrating on delivering your treatment, so you do not have to worry about making conversation with them. At any stage in the massage, you may ask questions or provide feedback.

What if I fall asleep during my massage?

Occasionally, people are so relaxed they fall asleep - this is the greatest compliment for a therapist as it means they have done a wonderful job at relaxing your body and mind! You will be woken when it is time to change position or when your massage finishes.

Why can't I just get one body part massaged?

The human body is complex – a holistic approach is recommended because muscles do not work in isolation so treating the whole body produces more effective outcomes. If you want specific reasons/information about why your treatment is structured in the particular manner it is, ask your therapist.

What should I do after a massage treatment?

Try to schedule your appointment for a time when you may relax afterwards - leave any hard labour for another day (if possible). If you do have to return to work or sport, simply inform the therapist before your treatment - your massage can be altered to ensure it is more stimulating than relaxing. We use very high quality Aromatherapy Oils so it is advisable you do not shower for at least two or three hours after your treatment as this will give the oils time to continue working on your body. For all massage treatments (especially remedial), keep well hydrated with water especially in the 24-48 hours after treatment.