Pregnancy Massage Benefits

 How does Pregnancy Massage help you?


  • Improves circulation to all areas (for mum and also for baby)
  • Reduces discomfort, fatigue and swelling
  • Relaxes mum whilst baby gets more room to move
  • Facilitates structural realignment of the spine and pelvis and improves soft tissue and joint flexibility

Massage offers continuous, nurturing, relaxing care and provides you with a source of related reliable information. Specialized training helps a massage therapist know the correct ways to carefully position clients differently throughout the three trimesters. During pregnancy massage, extra pillows/towels are used and aromatherapy/massage techniques are altered to safely massage clients from the first trimester.

Did you know these pregnancy facts?

  • Heart Enlarges - Blood Volume increases 30-50%
  • Oxygen intake increases by 15-20% (half for baby and the other half supports mum's heart/kidneys)
  • Uterus size increases 1000% & weighs 300% more
  • Hormones make joints unstable/muscles fatigue
  • Swelling in feet/hands occurs in 75% of pregnancies. Did you know massage may help with swelling?

Working with pregnant bodies is a privilege and one that our therapists thoroughly enjoy! Detailed study enables us to effectively share researched and relevant information to our pregnant clients. Our Remedial Massage Therapist Christine has done several pregnancy massage courses since beginning massage in 2004, including labour preparation workshops. Christine is also a mother, who has naturally birthed without any pain relief. Our Remedial Massage Therapist Marina has completed further Pregnancy Massage courses too, including studying through the famous UK massage author and pregnancy massage guru Suzanne Yates.

In our clinic, you (and your baby) are in safe hands.

We gift all our pregnant clients a complimentary Bub Rub’n’Tub Program Class,
including a special massage gift voucher for a postnatal massage.